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Availability of affordable plots in Delhi is a myth now. When anyone dreams of a home, a picture of a house with ample spaces emerges in his mind. We, at Antriksh India are coming with a project known as Homeland to provide affordable plots in a gated colony at reasonable prices for the middle class so that they could also own bungalows. Before we tell what our plans are, we want you to first go through the excellent benefits of owning independent houses and see for yourself what our inspiration is for providing plots

  • Having our own land is a big thing as land is getting scarcer day by day. It is the only natural resource we can own.
  • Having a plot means having our own space. We can divide the land into various segments according to our needs and luxury such as garden, lawn, garage, swimming pool, garden pool, trees, fences etc.
  • It provides us with flexibility of building our dream home. It gives us an option of designing the house in any way comfortable to us and suitable to our priorities. Not only this, but we can always left build up area so as to match our future needs and it also gives us enough choice on how and when to use our money
  • Family wise, it is the best option available as joint families having diverse tastes can comfortably live in the independent house. This type of house offers something to every age group. Also, this will give joy to generations to come.
  • The FAR (Floor Area Ratio- is the ratio of a building’s total floor area to the size of piece of land on which it is built) in the L zone, where our project Homeland is, as high as 4 which gives us more option to build a multi-story house.
  • The gated community fills us with a feeling belonging and togetherness. Plots provides us with enough privacy yet brings us closer to our neighbours.
  • Its also gives ample choices for future land use. Even if there are changes form the governing authority to change the use of land, we will be made well suited for that.
  • One of the significant aspect of plots in Delhi is that they are freehold property. Basically it means that the floor made can be sold to another individual.
  • In DDA land pooling zones, the circle rates are going up at an exponential rate. A year back circle rate was 53 lakhs per acre, which has now gone upto 3.5 crores per acre. This rate is further set to increase manifold, as the notification of urbanization of all LPP zones including Zone-L,P,J,K & N is just round the corner.
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